CATI interviews with decision-makers in commercial and packaging printers in Germany and North America

Commercial printing press in action

An international management consultancy firm asked FieldworkHub to assist them with research to understand the biggest needs and pain points with current software solutions used by commercial and packaging printing companies. The client was keen to understand how perceptions vary between Europe and North America, as well as between larger and smaller companies.

FieldworkHub partnered with the client to develop the survey, which was then translated into German. We subsequently completed 50 successful CATI interviews in each market over two weeks of fielding. We also assisted the client with ranking-based conjoint analysis techniques, in which we tested hypothetical new software features and asked respondents to rank the most appealing ones. FieldworkHub also helped our client to present the research findings by producing a mini topline report and presentation, which proved to be helpful for discussions with the end client.

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