Face-to-face coffee taste testing with 140 respondents in London

Baristas in test kitchen making coffee for taste testing

A major syrup brand wanted to assess whether consumers, bartenders and baristas are more likely to select the client’s brand in preference to competitor brands. FieldworkHub recruited a total of 100 consumers, 20 bartenders and 20 baristas for a central location coffee and cocktail tasting test in London at the end of July 2021.

We supported the client with two assistants during fielding and recruited 140 respondents to visit the facility over the course of four days. Consumers blind tested café lattes with two flavours of syrup from five different brands, while bartenders and baristas blind tested cocktails and café lattes respectively, with five flavours of syrup from five different brands. The client obtained qualitative feedback on the taste and quality of the syrups and the data supported their claim to be the preferred brand of consumers and professionals in the beverage industry. Despite a surge of pings from the NHS COVID contact tracing app leading to respondents dropping out, we maged to achieve the required sample size and the show rate was over 80% for this study.

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