Focus groups with customers of a UK water provider to gauge perceptions of services

Consumer filling glass from kitchen tap

Our client, a well-known water supplier in the UK, asked FieldworkHub to support a study involving segments of their customer base who have not engaged with  their outreach messages and campaigns in recent years. We carried out the recruitment and focus group scheduling for this project, which involved recruiting in tightly defined geographical areas, and handing interlocking quotas that included some attitudinal factors.

The customer quotas included older customers who are cost conscious, engaged in their community and make efforts to save water at home; customers aged between 35 and 54 who are engaged in their communities, family-focused and make little effort to save water; and younger customers who are financially stretched and not engaged in their community. We successfully recruited twelve consumers in each of the three categories in a relatively short timeline (less than three weeks from start to finish) and co-ordinated schedules and interview times to enable the client to moderate all of the focus groups in a timely manner.

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