Online diary study and in-depth interviews with pet owners in France

Pet dog photographed as part of diary study

A US-based market research agency whose end client is a major pet care retailer asked FieldworkHub to assist them with qualitative research about the customer journey undertaken by French pet owners as they shop for pet products, identifying important needs and pain points along the way. The client was particularly interested to find out the extent to which the respondents like to customise products for themselves and for their pets. The research took the form a series of online diary activities over the course of a week, after which around half of the respondents were invited to take part in an online depth interview.

FieldworkHub successfully recruited 30 French pet owners, provided a suitable diary platform and worked with a local moderator to ensure that all of the respondents completed the diary tasks. We also provided translation services, and delivered a comprehensive report with insightful findings to the client.

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