Online in-depth interviews about basketball culture with young people aged 13 to 25 in the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain

Male school basketball teams playing in school gym

We helped a regular FieldworkHub client to help them conduct qualitative research about the needs, motivations, behaviours and brand perceptions held by young people who are currently playing, watching or otherwise engaging with basketball. We recruited a variety of profiles for 90-minute online interviews, ranging from those who regularly participate in basketball at either casual or competitive levels, to those who are inspired by basketball culture in terms of style and personal expression.

The purpose of this study was to help shape the future priorities of a popular global sports brand. FieldworkHub successfully recruited 28 basketball fans, players, and apparel wearers across four markets – the UK, Germany, Italy, and Spain – helping our client to collect rich insights into basketball culture in Europe with the help of our team of translators.

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