Online in-depth interviews and concept testing with beer drinkers from Belgium about their social lives before COVID

Group of young Belgians drinking beer in a bar

Our client was working with a well-known brewer and wanted to understand more about how, in normal times (i.e. outside global pandemics) people living in Belgium arrange to meet up with friends in pubs and bars, what bookings they make and how they order refreshments. For the first phase of the study, we arranged for six committed football fans, six live events fans and six avid socialisers to take part in 90-minute online video interviews over the course of two weeks. Respondents were also asked to show the moderator a few photos from their phone illustrating past outings with friends. We carried out the recruitment and interview scheduling, which involved different simultaneous translators for French and Flemish.

Our client also wanted to speak to a few people who didn’t drink alcoholic beverages but were still going out to socialise in pubs and bars. This turned out to be quite challenging; however, our team still managed to find three respondents who only drank non-alcoholic (0%) beer.

For the second phase, seven of the previous respondents were invited again to take part in 60-minute online video interviews to gain a greater understanding of their social lives before COVID and test out some product concepts.

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