Online survey about type 2 diabetes treatments in the UK, France, Spain, the Netherlands and Sweden, and follow-up TDIs

Doctor measuring blood sugar level of diabetic patient in clinic

Our client wanted to carry out an Implicit Association Test (a form of quantitative survey which measures the strength of associations between concepts and judgments or stereotypes) to assess perceptions of injectable and oral treatments to manage type 2 diabetes in general practice. We were asked to recruit GPs and doctors with a special interest in type 2 diabetes in five European markets (the UK, France, Spain, the Netherlands and Sweden) to complete the test online. We obtained 117 test completes across the five markets over a two-week period which provided robust data for the client to analyse. In a follow-on study we set up nine telephone interviews with English-speaking GPs in the UK, France, Spain and Sweden so that our client could obtain further insights on the way the GPs in each country approach the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

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