Qualitative research with users of accounting software in France

Female accountant using calculator and accounting software

We were tasked with finding 24 respondents in France who owned, or worked for, small and medium-sized businesses and were heavily involved in accounting within the business. The client also needed the respondents to use online accounting software and for the sample as a whole to include users of most of the major online accounting packages sold in France. A rigorous screening process was therefore required to ensure that we met all of the recruitment requirement.

Once participants were selected we helped to manage three stages of research: Touchpoint 1 consisted of a 60-minute online interview with each participant. Touchpoint 2 consisted of a series of two-hour ideation workshops in small groups to explore pain points with existing software and potential enhancements to alleviate these. Touchpoint 3 then consisted on an online user test of some potential new features that the client team has worked on.

The client’s project timeline meant that Touchpoints 1 and 2 needed to be completed within three weeks. The tight timeline meant that our project managers had to be hands-on with ensuring that all participants were thoroughly prepared and joined each touchpoint when arranged.

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