Qualititative research about gift card buying in Germany, France, the UK, Mexico and Canada

Gift cards laid out with decorative ribbon tied around them

A well-known international online retailer was interested in identifying customer perceptions and behavioural trends about their existing gift card products (including e-gift cards, physical gift cards, and text message gift cards) and third-party gift card products available on their website. FieldworkHub was brought in to recruit eight respondents in each of Germany, the UK and France.

Respondents were categorised into various groups depending on whether their most recent gift card was bought for themselves or someone else and how they bought the gift card. We also provided moderation, simultaneous translation and summary reports for the non English-speaking markets.

In subsequent phases of this research, we recruited another 20 gift card buyers in Germany and Mexico, 12 in Canada and ten in the UK, again providing moderation and simultaneous translation and summary reports for Germany and Mexico.

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