London and Birmingham street intercepts for shampoo and conditioner sniff tests

Close up of female respondent looking at two shampoo bottles during market research product testing

A well-known brand of shampoo and conditioner for women wanted to obtain quantitative feedback on some new product fragrances that it was planning to launch in the UK. FieldworkHub was asked to recruit 200 women via street intercepts in both London and Birmingham (400 women in total). The participants were asked to sniff two products from freshly opened bottles and one product from a Petri dish, completing a short online survey after each test. In screening potential participants for the study we were asked to confirm that they had not eaten, smoked or applied perfume in the past hour, were not pregnant, breast-feeding or suffering from a cold or blocked nose, used shampoo and conditioner at least twice a week and did not reject the brand in question.

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