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Remote interviews in Belgium, Poland, Spain and Turkey about a new healthcare proposition

Patient wearing facemask signs consent form for doctor

The client brief

Our client was wanted to find out more about attitudes towards healthcare insurance in four different markets: Belgium, Poland, Spain and Turkey. The research involved three rounds of 60-minute remote interviews (72 interviews in total) with differences in the profiles required in each market and each round of research, which made the recruitment process an exciting challenge for the FieldworkHub team.

Number of profiles - 72

Research countries - Belgium, Spain, Poland, Turkey

Research audience - Consumer

Research industry focus - Healthcare, Insurance, Finance

Research methodology

These are the methodologies FieldworkHub used during this research process to help our client achieve their desired results.

Participant recruitment

In-depth interviews

FieldworkHub delivers

The client also asked us to find participants of different ages, from urban and rural areas in each country and with a variety of different employment situations. Through rigorous organisation and project management we successfully delivered all three phases.
FieldworkHub is an agile, knowledgeable market research fieldwork agency providing high-quality focus group recruitment as part of our full range of qualitative and quantitative fieldwork services.
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