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OBB & IDIs: small household appliances, Germany

German woman using food mixer to make a cake in her kitchen

The client brief

Our client, a company in the appliance industry, wanted to understand how German consumers are using small appliances in their everyday lives to elevate meals/bakes into something special. They planned to use this insight to tailor a marketing campaign to focus on Germany as a new market.

Number of profiles - 30
Research Countries - 
Research Audience - 
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Research methodology

These are the methodologies FieldworkHub used during this research process to help our client achieve their desired results.

FieldworkHub delivers

For Phase 1, FieldworkHub recruited 30 respondents for an online bulletin board (OBB), which required them to complete around two hours of activities over two days and answer a few follow-up questions from the bulletin board moderator. For Phase 2, twelve respondents were re-contacted to take part in 90-minute online dyads conducted via Zoom. Recruitment challenges included the need for respondents to fall into particular segments based on the client’s typing tool, as well as a change in the quota for people owning particular brands of espresso machine. Other recruitment criteria included finding a representative mix of demographics, as well as a mix of small appliances owned. We managed to complete the project without any drop-outs from amongst the 30 respondents.

More on how to get the most out of OBBs and FieldworkHub's advice on challenges in recruitment

We are very satisfied with the results. Thank you for your excellent management, you were a delight to work with.


Team LeadEuropean Online Retailer


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