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Online dyads for a global sports brand with friends aged 16 to 18 in London, Paris and Berlin

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The client brief

The FieldworkHub team completed a project for a popular multinational sports brand that was interested in identifying consumer behaviour and insights for their new brand narrative strategy in three capital cities: London, Paris and Berlin. The client asked us to find a mix of duos of respondents who were ‘engaged’ in sports i.e. sporty and active, or ‘disengaged’ from sports i.e. don’t do any sport or exercise. 

Number of profiles - 30
Research Countries - 
Research Audience - 
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Research methodology

These are the methodologies FieldworkHub used during this research process to help our client achieve their desired results.

FieldworkHub delivers

FieldworkHub recruited five dyads per market, 15 dyads in total, for 90 minute in-depth interviews that took place via Zoom. Each pair of respondents had to be the same gender, and friends not siblings or other relations. Despite the general challenges of recruiting this age group, we managed to fill all of the client quotas. We also arranged translation of the research materials and consecutive translators for the dyads in France and Germany. 

FieldworkHub has been a great research partner to me and my team. Caroline and Cornelius were incredibly proactive, helping us anticipate any issues that might come up and plan for how to handle them. Even though it did turn out to be a challenging project, things went smoothly because we were one step ahead. The team went above and beyond to help ensure our goals were met.


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