Electronic circuit board close up showing surface-mounted semiconductors and other components
Qualitative technology interviews in the UK, Germany and Italy

A well-known semiconductor manufacturer wanted to talk to business development managers and product developers working in the technology sector, and social media influencers as an input to its future […]

Smartly dressed young woman shopping for fashion items online while seating in an indoor mall
IDIs with e-commerce managers at large online fashion and home furnishing retailers

A developer of merchandising software for online retailers wanted to conduct interviews with decision makers working for UK companies with a large online operation in the fashion or home […]

Group of young men and women working on a helpdesk while wearing headsets and looking at computer screens
Online focus group with decision makers for service management software in the UK

A leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) company asked FieldworkHub to arrange an online focus group with decision makers involved in the selection of service management software in medium to large enterprises. […]

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