Vehicle technician using angle grinder to repair car bodyj
In-depth interviews about pain points with motor insurance claims

FieldworkHub was asked to recruit UK-based respondents for a three-part development study discussing difficulties that people encountered when claiming from their motor insurance provider following an accident. The aim […]

leet of white vans parked outside a warehouse
Video interviews with vehicle fleet managers in the UK

A design agency was testing out a concepts for a new digital product aimed at helping light commercial vehicle fleet managers to schedule service appointments, repairs and maintenance. We […]

Female driver charging her electric car
Remote focus groups and IDIs with owners and potential buyers of battery electric vehicles

A digital innovation and design consultancy was working with a large European motor manufacturer to develop the concept for a new product to help owners of battery electric vehicles […]

Close up up row of colourful new cars for sale
Face-to-face IDIs in the UK about used car buying and UX testing

An innovation and incubation company had previously launched an online marketplace for quality used cars in Germany, in conjunction with two leading automotive manufacturers. Having established a successful business […]

A garage owner talking to two mechanics in a repair garage. Various cars are visible
Face-to-face interviews with garage owners in Manchester about coolants and additives

FieldworkHub recruited owners of small and medium-sized independent garages in the Manchester area to take part in face-to-face in-depth interviews at their places of work on the subject of […]

Young male paint finisher in overalls working on a red car door. The rest of the car is visible in the background
Tele-depth Interviews (TDIs) with professional paint sprayers in the UK and Ireland

We were asked to recruit a small number of professional paint sprayers and paint finishers working in the automotive and maritime industries in the UK and Ireland for 60-minute […]

Happy young Asian man sitting in the car he has just bought and holding the key up
Multimodal research on used car purchasing habits in the UK

A well-established online car dealership wanted to carry out research into car purchasing behaviours. The research consisted of a quantitative and qualitative phase. For the quantitative aspect of the […]

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