Female teacher helping pupil using computer in classroom
Online focus groups with teachers and education leaders in the UK

A global technology company wanted to speak to teachers and education leaders in the UK about the use of educational technology in the classroom and for remote learning during […]

Pangolin hunting for ants
Focus groups in the UK about endangered species

The University of Oxford and On The Edge Conservation wanted to hold two focus group discussions with members of the public, including those with greater levels of  knowledge about […]

Diverse group of students walking on a London street
Focus groups with students from China and India who are studying abroad and interviews with their parents

Our client, a well-known management consultancy firm, asked FieldworkHub to assist them with an international study involving students from China and India who are currently studying abroad in the […]

Diverse group of young market research participants sit listening to instructions from moderator
Large-scale recruitment of groups for academic research in London

Imperial College London and the University of Melbourne were co-operating on a project to explore how groups of people work together to solve problems. FieldworkHub was asked to recruit, […]

Female university applicant seated across from interviewers and shaking hands as she completes an admissions interview
Remote user testing (UX) of new UK university application system for students

The University of Cambridge had created a new online application system for candidates wishing to study at Cambridge to use in the upcoming academic year. Our client wanted to […]

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