Male school basketball teams playing in school gym
Online in-depth interviews about basketball culture with young people aged 13 to 25 in the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain

We helped a regular FieldworkHub client to help them conduct qualitative research about the needs, motivations, behaviours and brand perceptions held by young people who are currently playing, watching […]

Close up of diamond rings displayed in a jewellery store
Depth interviews about lab-grown diamonds with consumers in Germany, France, Italy and the UK

A leading global mining group was interested in understanding more about consumers’ attitudes towards diamond jewellery containing lab-grown rather than natural diamonds at a time when the cost of […]

Hairdresser blow-drying customer's long hair during COVID
Recruitment of senior hair stylists for qualitative research in the UK, Germany and USA

A leading management consultancy asked FieldworkHub to recruit senior hair stylists in the UK, Germany and the USA. The aim of the research was to speak to those who […]

Young woman selecting trainers with help of shop assistant in streetwear store
Multimodal qualitative research with streetwear shoppers in the UK, France, Germany and Italy

Our client asked FieldworkHub to recruit young adults in the UK, France, Germany and Italy who regularly shop at a leading streetwear retailer to take part in an online […]

Arrangement of colouful women's high-heeled shoes in pink, orange, yellow, red and purple on blue background
Focus groups in the UK for a new shoe brand

Sante + Wade ( is a new shoe brand based in the UK that makes elegant and fashionable shoes for tall women and those with wide feet. FieldworkHub assisted […]

Four teenage friends in casual clothing sitting on steps smiling and laughing
Discussions with teenage friendship groups about sportswear

A leading US sportswear retailer with a presence in several European markets wanted to hold a series of discussions with small groups of style-conscious teenagers who were familiar with […]

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