Young Asian woman choosing perfume in duty free store at international airport
Focus groups with international and luxury travellers in UK, France and China

An airport operator wanted to run focus groups with international and luxury travellers in London, Paris and Shanghai to help it improve its retail offering. International travellers needed to […]

Football (soccer) ground during a match being played at night. The stands are full and players can be seen on the field
Focus groups with Italian football fans

A well-known Italian football (soccer) club with a large and loyal fan base is planning to relocate its stadium. We were asked to set up two focus groups at […]

Close up of UK visa in passport
Depth interviews with travel visa applicants based in India and the UAE

Our client was developing a new digital service to simplify the process of applying for international travel visas and wanted to conduct a series of depth interviews with people […]

A row of colourful English holiday homes for leisure travellers in a seaside town on a sunny day
Telephone interviews with owners of self-contained holiday properties in the UK

Our client wanted to conduct telephone interviews lasting 15-30 minutes with UK-based self-contained holiday home owners who had advertised them for rent on various online platforms such as Airbnb, […]

Happy female tourist showing her passport at airport check-in desk
UK user testing of online platform for business travel visas

A digital innovation agency had developed a new platform to simplify the process of applying for business travel visas. The new platform had already undergone extensive in-house trials but […]

Man, woman and daughter on a sunny beach while on holiday
Online survey about brand awareness and perceptions of travel insurance

We designed, programmed and managed a survey to assist a UK-based online provider of travel insurance products find out how widely recognised their brand name was, what attributes they […]

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