Baristas in test kitchen making coffee for taste testing
Face-to-face coffee taste testing with 140 respondents in London

A major syrup brand wanted to assess whether consumers, bartenders and baristas are more likely to select the client’s brand in preference to competitor brands. FieldworkHub recruited a total of […]

Close up of female respondent looking at two shampoo bottles during market research product testing
London and Birmingham street intercepts for shampoo and conditioner sniff tests

A well-known brand of shampoo and conditioner for women wanted to obtain quantitative feedback on some new product fragrances that it was planning to launch in the UK. FieldworkHub […]

Close up of bar attendant pouring beer into a glass from a row of beer dispensers
Quantitative research in viewing facility amongst UK beer drinkers

A major beer brand wanted to obtain quantitative feedback on a prototype design for a new draught beer dispenser for use in UK pubs and bars, including A/B testing […]

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