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FieldworkHub is a London-based fieldwork company with expertise in arranging consumer and B2B online bulletin boards for market research, in the UK, Europe and internationally. We offer bulletin board recruitment and moderation in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and other major languages.

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Online bulletin boards (OLBBs or OBBs) are an increasingly popular way of carrying out market research remotely. They allow time-poor respondents to provide insight when it is convenient for them, as well as providing a way to attach images, videos, or other files to support their thoughts, creating rich and compelling material for market research projects. Originally OBBs were mostly used for consumer research but have since proved their worth as a B2B research methodology as well.

We can source validated, willing and high-quality participants from the UK, Europe and beyond for online bulletin boards, provide bulletin board moderation in most major languages and deliver detailed and throughtful analysis of the findings.

Our expertise in all areas of bulletin board methodologies also extends to a detailed knowledge of online platforms. We are able to discuss your requirements and advise you on the most appropriate choice for your project and your budget.

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FieldworkHub delivers market research for some of the world’s best-known brands

We have a proven track record of assisting some of the world’s leading companies and organisations, both private and public. Our work has included research for:

Outstanding support for online bulletin boards

As a Company Partner of the Market Research Society and members of the AQR (Association for Qualitative Research), our clients can rely on the highest of professional standards in all the services we provide.

All our services are fully GDPR-compliant and adhere to national and European codes of conduct.
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Why work with us?

Experts in Consumer, B2B, Technology and Healthcare market research fieldwork
Experienced in running online bulletin boards in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, North America and Asia Pacific
A la carte service offering, tailored to meet your needs and budget
Friendly and professional end-to-end project management
FieldworkHub have been absolutely amazing in supporting our niche and high velocity research needs
Jesse, Strategic Design Lead
Top Tier Global Innovation and Incubation Firm
FieldworkHub has been a great research partner to me and my team
Research Lead
dscout, inc., USA
We used FieldworkHub recently and now they’re our recruiter of choice
Managing Director
Silk Road Marketing, UK
FieldworkHub have been absolutely amazing in supporting our niche and high velocity research needs
Senior Manager
Golin, USA
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FieldworkHub’s online bulletin board services include:

Participant recruitment for online bulletin boards
Expert moderation
Analysis and reporting
Translation services

Case studies of recent bulletin board projects:

Recruitment of surgeons for online qualitative research in the UK, France, Germany and Italy

Our client was working with a manufacturer of specialist adhesion barriers used in surgery to help them develop a new concept. FieldworkHub assisted with the recruitment of 60 surgeons across the UK, Italy, France and Germany. We recruited respondents across three specialities: orthopaedic joint surgeons, orthopaedic spine/neuro-spine surgeons and hand and wrist surgeons. The project required us to satisfy strict recruitment quotas based on how often each respondent used adhesion barriers during their procedures. Respondents participated in a three day online bulletin board and the client was very pleased with the quality of the respondents that we provided.

Online bulletin boards about energy consumption in the UK and Germany

Our client needed rapid turnaround recruitment of different types of domestic energy customer in each of the UK and Germany for online bulletin boards on attitudes towards energy use and generating energy at home from renewable sources. The profiles included people with domestic solar panels or a small-scale wind turbine, high-tech early adopters and value-driven consumers with limited financial resources. We recruited all of the profiles over a holiday weekend and arranged for them to complete the bulletin board over a two-day period. We also arranged for our client to conduct home ethnographic interviews with some UK and German participants.

Recruitment of Snap! users for online qualitative research in the UK, France and Canada

A US agency specialising in qualitative market research amongst Millennials and members of Generation Z asked FieldworkHub to support them by recruiting young people aged 13-17 and 18-22 who used Snapchat. There were two parts to the project – the first part involved submitting a video online and the second part, which took place several weeks later, was based around an online bulletin board. We screened and recruited 24 suitable respondents in the UK, France and Canada for the online video part of the project and almost 50 suitable respondents for the online bulletin board. The client was very pleased with the quality of the respondents that we provided.

FieldworkHub is an agile, knowledgeable market research fieldwork agency providing high-quality focus group recruitment as part of our full range of qualitative and quantitative fieldwork services.
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