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Customer experience (CX) research examines every touchpoint in the customer journey to enhance overall satisfaction and loyalty. Through methods like surveys, interviews, and journey mapping, CX researchers gather insights into customer perceptions and experiences, helping businesses optimize interactions and build stronger relationships.
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Why should you conduct CX Research?

Conduct CX research to understand user needs, behaviours, and pain points. It improves product usability, enhances user satisfaction, and informs design decisions. By identifying issues early, it saves time and costs, drives user-centred innovation, and ensures the final product or service is intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable to use, leading to better customer experience and improved customer retention.

How do we deliver customer experience research?

We deliver CX research by first understanding client objectives and designing a tailored research plan. We recruit participants, use methods like surveys, interviews, and journey mapping, and analyse the data to identify insights. Findings are compiled into detailed reports with actionable recommendations to improve customer experience.

Who we've CX market research for

UK CX research agency

As one of the UK’s leading CX research agencies, our team offers you access to various customer insights across the UK. We can recruit research participants to participate in a CX study that you set up and run, or we can manage the entire CX research process from research planning, participant recruitment, CX study facilitation and moderation, and CX data analysis and reporting.

UK user testing with hospital and home infusion pumps

Close up of infusion pump with blurred image of nurse checking readings in the background

A well-established healthcare company had created a new infusion pump used for blood transfusions in a hospital and home care setting. The pumps had already undergone extensive in-house trials but the company wanted to test out the user experience with a sample of key worker nurses and caregivers.

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International CX research agency

As a leading international customer experience research agency, we deliver B2B and B2C studies across North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, and Australasia. Our CX research services include research planning, participant recruitment, study facilitation and moderation, detailed data analysis, and reporting. We can also oversee the entire CX research process, from fieldwork to project management, delivering comprehensive insights into customer experiences.

International user experience interviws with food delivery app consumers

Food delivery driver on motorbike

The end client was a food delivery company with operations in many countries around the world. They wanted to conduct user research to evaluate the consumer experience of ordering food deliveries via their app in Australia, Canada, Germany and Japan and compare it with key competitors in each market.

FieldworkHub was asked to recruit a mix of respondents who were already using the client’s food delivery app or a named competitor app. In all cases, the respondents needed to download both apps and ensure that both accounts were activatyed prior to their interview.

Number of international participants:
Research countries:
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What are the different CX research methods?

Customer satisfaction surveys

Measure overall satisfaction and specific aspects of the customer experience using tools like Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), and Customer Effort Score (CES).

CX in-depth interviews

Conduct detailed one-on-one interviews to explore customers' thoughts, feelings, and experiences with a brand or product.

CX heuristic evaluations

Experts evaluate a product against a set of usability principles (heuristics) to identify potential usability issues.

CX journey mapping

Create visual representations of the end-to-end customer journey to identify touchpoints, pain points, and opportunities for improvement.

CX usability testing

Observe customers interacting with a product or service to identify usability issues and improve user experience.

CX voice of the customer (VoC) research

Implement VoC programmes to systematically collect, analyse, and act on customer feedback across various touchpoints.

The benefits of CX research for B2B market research

CX research in B2B provides a comprehensive view of the entire client journey, which helps deliver better client retention and customer reduces churn. One of the key benefits of CX is it offers actionable insights from client feedback for product improvements and highlights opportunities for customer success teams to build stronger client relationships, create better products and improve brand loyalty.

The benefits of CX research for consumer market research

In consumer research CX offers a holistic view of the customer journey, boosting customer retention and reducing churn. It enables brands to understand how customers think and feel creating personalised experiences that connect with them drives revenue growth, increase customer lifetime value and get to the root of what consumers really want.

Key benefits of CX market research

Provides a holistic customer view
Boosts customer retention
Enables better personalisation
Provides actionable insights
Improves revenue growth
Increases Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
Uncovers cost efficiency savings
Improves customer advocacy

Customer experience (CX) market research FAQ

Methods include surveys (NPS, CSAT, CES), interviews, focus groups, journey mapping, usability testing, feedback analysis, and social listening. Each method helps gather comprehensive insights into the customer experience.
Participants are recruited based on criteria relevant to the study, using customer databases, social media, email invitations, and recruitment agencies. This ensures a representative sample that reflects the target audience.
Journey mapping creates visual representations of the end-to-end customer journey to identify touchpoints, pain points, and opportunities for improvement. It helps understand the customer's perspective at each stage.
CX research focuses on customer interactions and experiences with a brand, while market research explores market trends, behaviours, and competitive analysis. CX research aims to enhance the overall customer journey.
Common metrics include Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), Customer Effort Score (CES), and other KPIs related to customer interactions. These metrics help gauge overall customer satisfaction.
It addresses pain points, enhances satisfaction, and fosters loyalty, improving retention, revenue, and brand reputation. Effective CX research leads to better customer experiences and long-term business growth.

I contacted FieldworkHub with a last-minute research request. I thought it would be tricky to pull off, but Philip and the team made it so easy. It was a pleasure to work with people who were clearly experts at what they do. Not only did they turn the whole project around super quickly, but they were responsive, helpful and gave very thoughtful suggestions when I asked for advice. The process was smooth and easy from the start.

Elizabeth Brooks
Brand ManagerInsureandGo

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