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Vox pops are short, on-the-spot interviews capturing spontaneous public opinions on various topics. By collecting quick, diverse viewpoints from different individuals, vox pops provide a snapshot of public sentiment, offering valuable, real-time insights into consumer attitudes and preferences.
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Vox Pop market research agency

Why should you conduct vox pop research?

Doing vox pops enables you to gather spontaneous, authentic public opinions and insights. It captures real-time reactions, diverse viewpoints, and emotional nuances. This method is quick, cost-effective, and visually engaging, providing a genuine snapshot of public sentiment, aiding in marketing, media content, and decision-making processes.

How do we deliver vox pops?

Delivering vox pops involves several steps: define objectives, select locations and timing, and prepare open-ended questions. Use quality equipment for recording. Approach participants politely, obtain consent, and ensure high audio-visual quality. Review and edit footage, distribute on suitable platforms, and analyse responses to report findings. Engage the audience to create dialogue.

UK vox pop market research agency

As one of the UK’s leading vox pop recruitment agencies, our team provides access to a variety of opinions across the UK. We can recruit research participants to record ‘selfie’ videos on your chosen platform, or we can manage the entire process for vox pop research, with options to recruit in advance for online vox pop research and scheduled face-to-face recordings, or to carry out street intercepts for spontaneous face-to-face vox pops.

UK market research - coffee taste testing

Baristas in test kitchen making coffee for taste testing

A major syrup brand wanted to assess whether consumers, bartenders and baristas are more likely to select the client’s brand in preference to competitor brands. FieldworkHub recruited a total of 100 consumers, 20 bartenders and 20 baristas for a central location coffee and cocktail tasting test in London at the end of July 2021.

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International Vox Pop research agency

As a leading international vox pop recruitment agency, we deliver vox pop studies across North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and Australasia. Our vox pop fieldwork services include recruiting research participants to record ‘selfie’ videos on your chosen platform, or we can also oversee the entire vox pop process, from initial briefing to delivery of thoroughly vetted videos in the original language, or with voice overs or subtitles.

International market research study - Hair stylists

Hairdresser blow-drying customer's long hair during COVID

A leading management consultancy asked FieldworkHub to recruit senior hair stylists in the UK, Germany and the USA. The aim of the research was to speak to those who decided which hair care products would be purchased and used in their salon. In less than a week, FieldworkHub screened in and booked 16 respondents to take part in a 30-minute phone interview with our client. We initially began by recruiting from our panel, and then turned to a free find approach to recruit the remaining candidates. Our client was very satisfied with the insights that they obtained through the interviews.

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What are the different vox pop methods?

In-person interview vox pops

Conducted in busy areas like shopping centres, parks, or events using quality cameras and microphones. Face-to-face interaction captures authentic and spontaneous responses, providing rich qualitative data.

Street intercept vox pops

Engage passers-by on the street for quick, adaptable opinions. This method captures a diverse range of spontaneous views, making it effective for gathering immediate public sentiment.

Event-based interview vox pop

Targeted at events like festivals, conferences, or sports gatherings. Participants share opinions on specific topics related to the event, offering contextually relevant insights.

What are the benefits of vox pops for brands?

Vox pops offer brands authentic customer insights, engaging content, and quick feedback, all at a low cost. They capture diverse opinions, enhancing brand perception and supporting qualitative data with rich context. Regular vox pops help identify market trends, keeping brands relevant and responsive to consumer needs​

What makes a great vox pop?

A great vox pop features clear, concise questions, authentic and spontaneous responses, and high-quality audio-visuals. It involves a diverse range of participants and captures genuine opinions in a relatable manner. Effective editing enhances clarity and engagement, making the content compelling and shareable. Ensuring participant consent and comfort is also crucial.

What are the key benefits of Vox Pops?

Diverse opinions shared quickly
Real voices capture authenticity
Humanise data with real stories
Enhance content relatability
Fast insights from public
Boost viewer engagement rates
Visual storytelling appeals
Foster empathy through voices
Gain authentic audience feedback
Generate content for social media

Vox pop market research FAQ

Consent ensures participants are aware of how their responses will be used, protecting their privacy and meeting legal requirements. It builds trust and makes participants more comfortable.
Clearly explain the purpose of the vox pop, how the footage will be used, and obtain written or verbal consent. Make sure to store consent records securely.
Approach participants politely, explain the process clearly, and ensure a relaxed atmosphere. Respect their space and allow them to speak freely without interruptions.
Select diverse locations and times, and approach a wide range of people. This ensures varied perspectives, making the vox pop more representative and insightful.

We are very satisfied with the results. Thank you for your excellent management, you were a delight to work with.

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