FieldworkHub is a London-based market research fieldwork company with expertise in providing a full suite of services for qualitative market research in the UK.

Recruitment services for focus groups and depth interviews in the UK

As we all adjust to new ways of working to mitigate the risks from coronavirus, you can count on London-based FieldworkHub to assist with online market research, including focus groups, depth interviews and bulletin boards and selected face-to-face market research work.

We can provide validated, willing participants for focus groups and depth interviews, as well as user experience testing and online bulletin boards and research communities. FieldworkHub also has comprehensive knowledge of online market research platforms.

With our experience and insight, we can help you choose the most appropriate option for your project and to assist with the arrangements.

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FieldworkHub delivers market research for some of the world’s best-known brands

We have a proven track record of assisting some of the world’s leading companies and organisations, both private and public. Our work has included research for:

Outstanding services for qualitative research in the UK

As a Company Partner of the Market Research Society and members of the AQR (Association for Qualitative Research), our clients can rely on the highest of professional standards in all the services we provide.

All our services are fully GDPR-compliant and adhere to national and European codes of conduct.
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Why work with us?

Experts in Consumer, B2B, Technology and Healthcare market research fieldwork
Experienced in running online as well as face-to-face focus groups and depth interviews in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium and other European countries
A la carte service offering, tailored to meet your needs and budget
Friendly and professional end-to-end project management
FieldworkHub have been absolutely amazing in supporting our niche and high velocity research needs
Jesse, Strategic Design Lead
Top Tier Global Innovation and Incubation Firm
FieldworkHub has been a great research partner to me and my team
Research Lead
dscout, inc., USA
We used FieldworkHub recently and now they’re our recruiter of choice
Managing Director
Silk Road Marketing, UK
FieldworkHub have been absolutely amazing in supporting our niche and high velocity research needs
Senior Manager
Golin, USA
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FieldworkHub’s UK market research services include:

Participant recruitment for online and face-to-face focus groups and depth interviews, user experience (UX) testing, and online bulletin boards
Expert moderation
Analysis and reporting
Transcription, interpreting and translation services

Case studies of recent qualitative market research projects in the UK:

Focus groups with customers of a UK water provider to gauge perceptions of services

Our client, a well-known water supplier in the UK, asked FieldworkHub to support a study involving segments of their customer base who have not engaged with  their outreach messages and campaigns in recent years. We carried out the recruitment and focus group scheduling for this project, which involved recruiting in tightly defined geographical areas, and handing interlocking quotas that included some attitudinal factors.

The customer quotas included older customers who are cost conscious, engaged in their community and make efforts to save water at home; customers aged between 35 and 54 who are engaged in their communities, family-focused and make little effort to save water; and younger customers who are financially stretched and not engaged in their community. We successfully recruited twelve consumers in each of the three categories in a relatively short timeline (less than three weeks from start to finish) and co-ordinated schedules and interview times to enable the client to moderate all of the focus groups in a timely manner.

Focus groups in the UK about endangered species

The University of Oxford and On The Edge Conservation wanted to hold two focus group discussions with members of the public, including those with greater levels of  knowledge about endangered species. The aim of the research was to discuss general environmental issues and the ways in which the media’s portrayal of certain endangered species, such as the aye-aye, kakapo and pangolin, had an impact on the feelings evoked when viewing an advert. FieldworkHub arranged two 90-minute face-to-face focus groups in Oxford. This involved recruiting 16 respondents in less than a week.

Tele-depth interviews with London estate agents

A European digital innovation agency was researching online residential property agents and property search websites and wanted to speak to a number of traditional branch-based estate agents to understand how these services are forcing them to adapt business models. We arranged interviews with estate agents and branch managers.

FieldworkHub is an agile, knowledgeable market research fieldwork agency providing high-quality focus group recruitment as part of our full range of qualitative and quantitative fieldwork services.
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