Experts in European multi-country qualitative research

The key to qualitative research which provides real insights lies in getting the perfect participants. With years of experience in the market research industry, you can rely on the FieldworkHub team  to find the right people to take part in both traditional and online qualitative market research.

We support a full-range of methodologies, including face-to-face and online focus groups and in-depth interviews (IDIs), user experience (UX) testing, ethnographies, and app-based research.

We have run face-to-face qualitative research in London, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Dublin, Frankfurt, Madrid, Milan, Munich, Paris and many other European cities, and we are also experts in online qualitative methods.

We have particular expertise in managing complex multi-country market research projects. We can also assist with venue selection, arrange moderators, translators and note-takers, and deliver professional reports on research findings.