Telephone interviews (CATI)

Not everyone is online, but we can still leverage technology to reach those who aren’t. In CATI (computer-assisted telephone interviewing) interviewers follow an electronic script with built in routing and type in the respondent’s answers to each question as the interview proceeds.

CATI is most effective for large-scale, structured interviews. In order to capture the most meaningful data, we focus on several key principles: script delivery, respondent management, data quality, and objection handling. We have vast experience building fault-free questionnaires and our interviewers have the typing skills to make the process seamless, even with open-ended questions.

Since data is entered in real-time in the CATI system, clients can monitor progress and obtain interim results, while the final analysis can be obtained almost immediately when the last interview is completed.


Close up of diabetic patient's insulin pen

Online activities and telephone interviews with type 1 diabetes patients in UK and Germany

Our client, a not-for-profit organisation, wanted to test an app to assist with the management of Type 1 diabetes with recently diagnosed patients and those with longer experience of managing the condition. We recruited 20 patients who had been diagnosed in the last 12 months and 30 patients diagnosed more than 12 months previously to test the app and take part in online activities and telephone interviews with our client over a six-month period. The research helped our client to develop and refine the app.

Three cocktails with a bar and liquor bottles in the background

Online interviews about consumption of premium alcohol brands in South Africa

Our client wanted to conduct 30-minute online interviews via Skype with South African consumers who regularly purchased clear spirits (gin/vodka etc) in bars or restaurants to understand their brand preferences and views about standard and premium brands and test out some marketing concepts that they were developing. In less than three weeks, we recruited and screened over 20 respondents and arranged for our client to speak to all of them.

Teenage boy sitting on public transport using smartphone to access social media

Telephone interviews with teenagers in the UK about social media

A large social media company had carried out an online survey amongst users of its platform and wanted to conduct telephone interviews in the UK with a sample of teenage users who met the target profile. We were provided with a list of qualified respondents and asked to contact them, convince them to take part, and arrange the payment of incentives. To encourage participation we paid part of the incentive when each interview was scheduled and the remainder once the interview had been successfully completed.