Getting the most from your participants with experienced moderators

A good moderator will create the right environment for the group, guide the discussion without asking leading questions, probe beyond the participants’ initial answers by asking open-ended follow-up questions, and keep an eye on the time to ensure that each topic is covered in the right amount of depth.

Successful moderation of focus groups requires a great deal of skill and experience to create a comfortable atmosphere, ensure that dominant personalities don’t take over the group, listen attentively to everyone’s point of view and keep the discussion moving forward.

A great moderator is enthusiastic about obtaining the group’s insights and is able to keep the attention of participants so that at the end of 90 or 120 minutes everyone feels that the time was well spent and their opinion was valued.

FieldworkHub carefully selects the best moderators, with experience that aligns with the nature and topic of your research project. We will happy to recommend the most appropriate individual based on the research location, subject matter and language requirements.