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Reliable healthcare market research fieldwork services

Recruitment of HCPs and patients for healthcare market research

Whether you are focusing on one particular country or embarking on a multi-country project, you can count on FieldworkHub to assist with your healthcare market research.We are able to source validated and willing healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients from the UK, Europe and further afield to take part in market research. Our HCP recruitment services include primary care and secondary care professionals, healthcare managers, payers and commissioners.We have years of experience in healthcare market research, and have the processes in place to deliver superior fieldwork services.
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FieldworkHub delivers market research for many well-known healthcare brands...

Our healthcare market research services

FieldworkHub’s healthcare market research services include:
HCP and patient recruitment for depth interviews, focus groups and online bulletin boards
Expert moderation
Analysis and reporting
Transcription, interpreting and translation services

FieldworkHub has completed market research projects in over 40 countries worldwide

FieldworkHub has in-depth knowledge and coverage within the following markets. Our experienced team of fieldwork specialists can source profiles from most countries upon request. Our core markets include:

What our clients say about us

FieldworkHub have been absolutely amazing in supporting our niche and high velocity research needs. Caroline and the team have provided us with consistently high standards of recruitment, project management and transport support. They are very adaptable and accommodating, able to flex with our unique needs and agile ways of working. They are my go-to research partner for all of these reasons.


Strategic Design Lead
Global Innovation and Incubation Firm

The team were very quick to support all aspects of the project with excellent communication throughout. It was great that they were able to deliver on our requests fully to a very tight deadline and they took all of the stress of recruitment for us. We are extremely happy with our experience of working with FieldworkHub and would look to use them again in the future.


Social Change

FieldworkHub has been a great research partner to me and my team. Caroline and Cornelius were incredibly proactive, helping us anticipate any issues that might come up and plan for how to handle them. Even though it did turn out to be a challenging project, things went smoothly because we were one step ahead. The team went above and beyond to help ensure our goals were met.


Research Lead
dscout, inc.

I contacted FieldworkHub with a last-minute research request. I thought it would be tricky to pull off, but Philip and the team made it so easy. It was a pleasure to work with people who were clearly experts at what they do. Not only did they turn the whole project around super quickly, but they were responsive, helpful and gave very thoughtful suggestions when I asked for advice. The process was smooth and easy from the start.

Elizabeth Brooks

Brand Manager

Healthcare market research FAQ

Healthcare market research is one of FieldworkHub’s focus areas and we have a strong track record of recruiting patients, healthcare professionals (HCPs) and healthcare managers to take part in interviews and focus groups. We have recently recruited patients with conditions that include diabetes, haemophilia, psoriasis, eczema and joint injuries are amongst the conditions that we have recently helped to research and recent HCP recruitment projects have included general practitioners, nurses, cardiologists, oncologists, haematologists, dieticians and nuclear medicine experts.
Most countries have their own rules or codes of conduct governing healthcare market research which need to be followed and some types of research need to be approved in advance by an official ethics committee whose role is to safeguard the rights, safety, dignity and well-being of research participants. This can be a slow process (for example, in the UK the statutory timeline allows 60 days for the committee to reach a conclusion), so it’s important to establish as early as possible if this is required. Where no formal approval is required it’s still essential to ensure that any market research with patients puts their needs and concerns first. Patients should be approached with understanding and sensitivity, particularly if they have a serious or life-threatening condition which makes it more difficult for them to take part in an interview than it would be for a healthy person. Many countries also require details of honoraria paid to doctors and other healthcare professionals to be submitted to the government. Another important point to be aware of is the potential need for adverse event reporting (particularly with any research which discusses what drugs or medicines a patient is taking). Whether or not the market research is aimed at identifying issues, if a participant mentions any kind of adverse reaction to a product (e.g. “when I took medicine X, it gave me a headache”) there may be a requirement to report this to the finding to the manufacturer of the product in a prescribed format. If adverse event reporting is required then the interviewer will typically need to complete client-specific training on what to look out for and how to report it.
The approaches for recruiting healthcare professionals and patients tend to be quite different. Pharmaceutical companies and makers of healthcare equipment and other healthcare products conduct a lot of market research with doctors and other healthcare professionals, so many of them are already registered to take part in relevant market research projects with FieldworkHub and other agencies. We can also free-find other types of respondent who work in the healthcare industry – for example we have recruited general practitioners working in particular towns in the UK and people who work as medical secretaries by approaching them directly. We can also recruit patients with relatively common chronic medical conditions, such as diabetes and dementia, from out panel. However, we find that the best way to recruit patients with rarer diseases, such as haemophilia and ITP, is via the support organisations that exist for these conditions. Patients with rare acute conditions tend to be the hardest to recruit. These can typically only be found by asking doctors to refer their patients (which they may or may not be able and willing to do, depending on local rules, their workload and their views on how useful the research may be to current and future patients).

Why choose FieldworkHub for your next healthcare market research project

Experts in recruiting participants for Healthcare market research fieldwork
Experienced in running online as well as face-to-face research in the UK, other European countries and other international markets
Members of the British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association (BHBIA)
A la carte service offering, tailored to meet your needs and budget
Dedicated project manager who will keep you updated every step of the way

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Contact form

I agree that FieldworkHub may store the information that I provide online in a secure manner to respond to my enquiry and subsequently to market FieldworkHub’s services to me (and for no other purpose). I understand that I can opt out of marketing communications and/or ask for my information to be deleted at any time by sending an email to

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