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Whether you’ve already developed a screener questionnaire, or you’d like us to develop one for you based on your recruitment brief, we’ll find the right respondents for your market research project.

FieldworkHub operates a systematic recruitment process using trained recruiters to source participants who match your requirements.  We review your brief and make sure that we understand it fully then consult on the best screener questions to ensure that all necessary information is captured.

In addition to finding participants who meet your specification, we always try to find participants who are enthusiastic and have a genuine interest in your market research project.

We begin by making an initial match using our in-house database or online data sources. Once we gather a pool of potential respondents, we contact them to verify that they meet your requirements and are keen to take part. We then enter their details and screener responses in an online profile grid which you can review at any time, allowing you to track our progress and giving you confidence in the sample.

Where beneficial (for example, when we are recruiting specialist B2B profiles), we can also arrange for you to carry out secondary screening, either by phone in advance of the research date, or when respondents arrive at the research venue.
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We review your brief and develop a screener or review your screener to ensure that we understand your requirements fully
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We identify promising respondents using online data and free-find recruitment for fast and accurate results
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We phone shortlisted respondents to verify that they meet your target profile and are enthusiastic about taking part
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We supply a profile of recruited respondents and their screener answers for you to review, to give you confidence in the sample

Our recruitment services include:

  • Recruitment from the FieldworkHub database as well as specialist consumer and B2B databases
  • “Free find” recruitment using a multi-faceted approach involving specialist databases, social media and referrals
  • Recruitment of hard-to-find individuals via cold calling, desktop research, social media, communities and blogs
  • List recruitment from a client list.
We can recruit amongst most types of consumer, B2B, technology and healthcare groups. See our case studies page for examples of our recent work.
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