Designing screeners that help you target respondents precisely

FieldworkHub’s experienced staff can review your screener and advise on potential issues and improvements before participant recruitment begins.

The key to recruiting the right participants for a market research study is to use the right screener. If you need help in designing a screener, our experts can create one from scratch and validate it with you. If you already have one, we’ll take the time to review and understand it, highlighting any gaps or ambiguities that could lead to recruitment issues.

A good screener will:

  • capture all necessary information
  • eliminate unsuitable respondents quickly
  • avoid leading questions that allow candidates to guess what type of participants the researcher is seeking
  • test candidates’ knowledge of the subject (especially important in B2B research)
  • check that candidates can express their views clearly
  • be concise so the people being contacted don’t get frustrated or lose interest.