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IDIs: pain points with motor insurance claims

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The client brief

FieldworkHub was asked to recruit UK-based respondents for a three-part development study discussing difficulties that people encountered when claiming from their motor insurance provider following an accident. The aim of the study was to discuss a new concept and test these ideas.

Number of profiles - 13
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Research methodology

These are the methodologies FieldworkHub used during this research process to help our client achieve their desired results.

FieldworkHub delivers

In the three stages of the study, we recruited 13 respondents who had made a recent claim and were able to speak about their experiences. they included people who were insured with a particular group of insurance companies and people who had used a particular chain of vehicle repair centres. We assisted with the development of a screener to ensure that the correct profile were recruited at every stage. We also asked for written evidence of each person’s claim before confirming their interview to ensure that all the people who took part were recent motor insurance claimants.

Read more on FieldworkHub's research participant verification process

I was pleased to work with FieldworkHub to engage with small businesses. The team were friendly and engaging and they added value by make practical suggestions on how we could best capture the information we required in the fairest and most objective way possible. The team had to work to very tight timescales and they delivered. Their work contributed to the decisions and actions taken by us subsequently.


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