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Close-up of male hand holding meat-free cheeseburger
Zoom interviews with Germans who visit quick service restaurants (QSR)

FieldworkHub carried out two projects with people living in Germany for our client, who was working for a leading multinational chain of hamburger fast food restaurants. In the first […]

Baristas in test kitchen making coffee for taste testing
Face-to-face coffee taste testing with 140 respondents in London

A major syrup brand wanted to assess whether consumers, bartenders and baristas are more likely to select the client’s brand in preference to competitor brands. FieldworkHub recruited a total of […]

Selection of salty snacks on a white table
Online activities and discussions with UK consumers about a new range of salty snack foods

A client based in the USA asked FieldworkHub to find participants from a range of ethnic, work and educational backgrounds who were open to trying new salty snack foods. […]

Tray of light and dark chocolate chip cookies
Online bulletin board and depth interviews with teenagers and young adults who eat sweet packaged snacks

Our client, a leading multinational packaged food company, wanted to test out some new flavours of their product in the UK market and asked FieldworkHub to recruit 16 respondents […]

Group of young Belgians drinking beer in a bar
Online in-depth interviews and concept testing with beer drinkers from Belgium about their social lives before COVID

Our client was working with a well-known brewer and wanted to understand more about how, in normal times (i.e. outside global pandemics) people living in Belgium arrange to meet […]

Man wearing COVID mask while shopping in supermarket
Quantitative and qualitative analysis of how animal welfare and environmental issues affect UK dietary and shopping habits

We assisted a consulting firm and a well-known animal charity in the UK to understand attitudes towards animal welfare and environmental issues and how these may impact shopping and […]

Vegetarian burgers in buns
Online indepth interviews with Swiss residents who buy vegetarian burgers

Our client, a leading fast-food restaurant operator worldwide, wanted to find out perceptions on a relatively new plant-based meat burger and asked FieldworkHub to recruit ten non-vegan respondents from […]

Close up of beer can
Face-to-face food and drink tasting research in London

Analytical Flavor Systems (AFS) is a US-based predictive analytics company for the consumer packaged goods and food & beverage industries. AFS was carrying out taste tests with large groups […]

Healthy fitness food for breakfast
Recruitment of breakfast cereal consumers for online qualitative research in the UK

A well-known  breakfast and snacks company asked FieldworkHub to assist them with research into repositioning their brand from a fitness to well-being brand. The project methodology required us to […]

FieldworkHub is an agile, knowledgeable market research fieldwork agency providing high-quality focus group recruitment as part of our full range of qualitative and quantitative fieldwork services.
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