Fashion and style market research

Globally, the apparel industry (clothing, footwear and accessories) is worth approximately USD1.5 trillion annually, while the global jewellery and cosmetics markets each worth around another USD500 billion annually.

The vast majority of revenue comes from the sale of new items but recent years have started to see a backlash against so-called ‘fast fashion’ in developed countries, which many consumers, particularly millennials, see as a wasteful and environmentally harmful industry. This has led to growth in fashion resale, particularly online, which is experiencing double-digit year on year growth in major markets, with the US market alone expected to reach USD33 billion by 2021.

In the UK, the value of fashion sector rose to a record GBP32 billion in 2018, and supports around 890,000 jobs across the country. Substantial growth of the fashion resale market is also anticipated in the UK, with specialist sites such as Depop, Vinted and HEWI (Hardly Ever Worn It) gaining in popularity.

FieldworkHub’s credentials in the fashion and style sector include market research to assist a new footwear brand in the UK, mini focus groups with teens about streetwear in the top 5 European markets, and ethnographic research on male grooming the USA.


Arrangement of colouful women's high-heeled shoes in pink, orange, yellow, red and purple on blue background

Focus groups in the UK for a new shoe brand

Sante + Wade ( is a new shoe brand based in the UK that makes elegant and fashionable shoes for tall women and those with wide feet. FieldworkHub assisted the company as it was preparing to launch its first range of shoes by recruiting for, and managing, two focus groups with potential customers to better understand their shoe-buying habits and their frustrations with the types of shoes that were previously available to them.

Four teenage friends in casual clothing sitting on steps smiling and laughing

Discussions with teenage friendship groups about sportswear

A leading US sportswear retailer with a presence in several European markets wanted to hold a series of discussions with small groups of style-conscious teenagers who were familiar with their stores. A key requirement of the methodology was to find friendship groups, i.e. groups of teenagers who knew each other but were not members of the same family. We recruited participants in several EU markets to a very tight timeline, including groups of 12-14 year olds and 15-16 year olds in Barcelona, Milan and Paris.

Close up of female respondent looking at two shampoo bottles during market research product testing

London and Birmingham street intercepts for shampoo and conditioner sniff tests

A well-known brand of shampoo and conditioner for women wanted to obtain quantitative feedback on some new product fragrances that it was planning to launch in the UK. FieldworkHub was asked to recruit 200 women via street intercepts in both London and Birmingham (400 women in total). The participants were asked to sniff two products from freshly opened bottles and one product from a Petri dish, completing a short online survey after each test. In screening potential participants for the study we were asked to confirm that they had not eaten, smoked or applied perfume in the past hour, were not pregnant, breast-feeding or suffering from a cold or blocked nose, used shampoo and conditioner at least twice a week and did not reject the brand in question.