Market research in France

France is the largest country by land area in Western Europe and has the second highest population and the third largest economy. Although famous for its wine and food production, agriculture only accounts for 1.7% of GDP, a smaller proportion than in Spain and Italy.

As a proportion of GDP, the manufacturing sector in France is small by European standards but the country is strong in chemicals, aerospace and defense, automobile manufacturing and luxury goods. Tourism is an important contributor to the services sector since France welcomes more foreign visitors each year than any other country in the world.

Market research in France is mostly concentrated in Paris but FieldworkHub also has capabilities in various provincial cities including Marseille, Lyon, Nice and Toulouse. One point for market researchers to note is that it is illegal in France to classify respondents by ethnicity or to ask questions about their race or origins.

Population (2020 estimate):65.3 million
GDP (USD, 2018):$2778 billion
GDP per capita (International $ at PPP, 2018):$45 342
Currency:Euro (EUR or €)
Largest urban areas (by population, 2018 estimates):Paris/Ile de France (10.9 million)
Lyon (1.7 million)
Marseille/Aix-en-Provence (1.6 million)
Lille (1.0 million)
Toulouse (1.0 million)
Nice (0.9 million)


Close up of young girl listening to story on headphones outside, with grass visible in background

Focus groups in UK, France and Germany on talking toys

Two venture capital companies asked FieldworkHub to arrange focus groups with parents of children aged 2-6 in London, Paris and Munich to help them decide whether to invest in a company that made talking toys. The aim of the research was to find out about the parents’ toy purchasing behaviour and get their feedback on a range of toys made by the company in question and various competitors. We arranged the groups in all three countries with less than one week’s notice, including recruitment of respondents, facility hire and moderation. All of the groups provided very helpful insight for the clients.

Young woman wearing virtual reality goggles and reaching out left hand in amazement

Multi-country research on virtual reality (VR) headsets in UK, France and Germany

We were asked to recruit respondents in the UK and 30 in each of France and Germany to provide feedback on VR headsets made by a leading brand. The manufacturer wanted their views on both the products themselves and the way in which they were promoted through point-of-sale displays. Respondents needed to be existing owners of a VR headset or intending to purchase one in the next 90 days and all needed to be willing to travel to one of the stores designated by the client to view the point-of-sale material and take photos and videos while in store. We successfully recruited 70 respondents and provided encouragement for them to make the store visits and complete the in store activities, thus exceeding the client’s target of 50 completes.

Young Asian woman choosing perfume in duty free store at international airport

Focus groups with international and luxury travellers in UK, France and China

An airport operator wanted to run focus groups with international and luxury travellers in London, Paris and Shanghai to help it improve its retail offering. International travellers needed to make at least three international trips a year and luxury travellers needed to fly in first or business class. All needed to be well educated and meet income requirements specified by the client. We successfully recruited 65 respondents for two focus groups in each of the three cities, managed the viewing facility bookings and arranged moderators and simultaneous translators for the groups in France and China.