Dog sitting at a desk in front of a laptop computer
On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog

The perils of online respondent recruitment and how to avoid them A quarter of a century ago, The New Yorker published a cartoon by Peter Steiner which showed a […]

A young woman holding a tablet computer while looking surprised
Social distancing won’t stop research. Five reasons to consider online focus groups

Many countries are starting to emerge from lockdown but restrictions on social contact with strangers are expected to stay in place for months. For companies that want to carry […]

A black woman smiling as she types on a laptop computer
Is market research still taking place?

In the past you may have taken part in face-to-face market research and perhaps you are wondering what has happened  to these projects as a result of the coronavirus […]

Young woman working on online bulletin board on her laptop at home
How to use Online Bulletin Boards (OBBs) in your market research

With agile market research on the rise, and a significant trend towards research methodologies that can be used remotely, interest in Online Bulletin Boards (OBBs) has soared in 2020. […]

Young woman taking part in online focus group
FieldworkHub’s approach to online focus groups

While lockdown restrictions have started to ease in some countries, online focus groups remain the most viable option for companies that wish to carry out focus group market research. […]

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