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FieldworkHub’s recruitment strategy

22 Sep 2021
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The most appropriate method for recruiting market research respondents should be driven by the type of respondent needed and the research methodology.  Below is an overview of some of the successful  recruitment methods that FieldworkHub uses to find respondents for market research, including hard-to-reach profiles and those in more challenging markets.

In-house panel

At FieldworkHub, we mix the old with the new. Our international in-house panel remains a tried and tested method for sourcing suitable respondents for your market research project. We have a large number of people on our books in English-speaking markets such as the UK, USA, India, Australia, Canada and South Africa who are eager to participate. Our panel also reaches into more challenging markets such as Turkey, Finland and South Korea, and we have a network of recruiters across the world who can supplement our in-house panel as necessary.

FieldworkHub takes steps to quality check each respondent before they take part in our research projects. Our recruitment team verifies the data a respondent provides when signing up by conducting screening interviews. These are designed to confirm that they answer screening questions consistently, express themselves in an articulate manner and have other (sometimes softer) qualities that make them the right fit for a project.

Social media

We are constantly adapting our approach to ensure a high rate of engagement via social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. We have successfully recruited elite B2B respondents, including executives from leading  global companies, using social media. For B2C research, our targeted social media advertising techniques have proved themselves reliable in reaching a wide range of different profiles, including users of particular products and services. Social recruiting is capable of achieving results very quickly, reducing the turnaround time for a project while ensuring wide geographical and demographic reach.

Intercepts and door-to-door recruitment

For some types of B2C recruitment, particularly trials of consumer goods that have broad appeal, on-the-spot recruitment via street or shopping mall intercepts, or door-to-door recruitment can still be highly efficient and thus more cost-effective than the above methods of pre-recruitment. We have experienced teams to carry out this type of recruitment in the UK and selected foreign markets. All of our face-to-face recruiters have received training to ensure that their work practices are COVID-secure, and we carry out a detailed risk assessment for every face-to-face project.

These are just some of the ways that FieldworkHub can support you in recruiting respondents for market research. Market research is dynamic and fast-paced by nature. While it typically takes longer to recruit B2B profiles, FieldworkHub regularly manage to schedule B2C online focus groups and one-on-one B2B interviews in less than a week.

We always strive to improve and we aim to learn from every recruitment project as well as keeping up to date with developments elsewhere by reading the latest literature and taking specialist courses. We have the breadth of knowledge to advise you on the best approach for your particular project. Please call or email us if you’d like to discuss your requirements. 

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