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UK & International Market Research Agency

We are market research participant recruitment and project management experts. We offer unmatched fieldwork services in the UK, USA, Europe, LatAm, Asia and Africa. Our clients include consumer and B2B product companies, full-service market research agencies, and advisory firms

Expert recruitment, Exceptional insights

When you’re ready to conduct qualitative or quantitative market research fieldwork in the UK, Europe and beyond, you need a partner who can run with your plan and execute it exceptionally well. You want a company that understands your recruitment and facilitation needs for focus groups, in-depth interviews (IDIs), ethnographies, online bulletin boards and surveys of all types and can deliver the right participants when and where you need them.
FieldworkHub’s in-house recruitment is accredited under the MRS and AQR Recruiter Accreditation Scheme, which recognises the knowledge, skills and competence of our in-house recruitment team.

Audiences that we recruit

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Consumer market research

We help clients to understand their customers better by recruiting a wide range of consumers, including teens/young adults/Gen Z, Millennials/Gen Y, Gen X and baby boomers. We also recruit opinion elites and high net-worths.
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B2B market research

We use a multi-faceted approach to recruit most types of B2B profiles, including decision makers, senior managers and business owners, mid-level and junior managers, specialist departmental functions and tradespeople.
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Technology market research

 We pride ourselves on our understanding of technology and some of our biggest clients regularly rely on FieldworkHub to deliver high-quality samples of consumers who use particular apps or hardware, and B2B technology decision makers.
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Healthcare market research

We regularly recruit healthcare professionals (HCPs), healthcare managers, payers, commissioners and patients to take part in healthcare market research for a range of purposes from branding to new product testing.
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FieldworkHub delivers research for some of the world’s best-known brands

We have a proven track record of assisting some of the world’s leading companies and public sector organisations. Our work has included research for:

Qualitative market research agency

The key to qualitative research which provides real insights lies in getting the perfect participants. With years of experience in the market research industry, you can rely on the FieldworkHub team to find the right people to take part in both face to face and online qualitative market research.

Focus Group research

Collect insights efficiently and generate new ideas by running online or face -to-face focus groups with carefully selected participants.
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In-Depth Interviews 

Explore issues in detail, address sensitive issues or gain specific insight from experts by conducting one-to-one IDIs either online or face to face.
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Ethnographic research

Observe participants using a product or service in their own environment, at home or work.
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Online Bulletin Board research

Collect rich audiovisual material and develop ideas over several days with OBBs where participants provide insights at their own pace.
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MROC study

Set up a permanent or long-term Market Research Online Community and gather ad-hoc and rapid insight from the participants at short notice.
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UX Testing research

Improve your website or app's usability by conducting User Experience testing and exactly how customers interact with your website or app.
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Qualitative research testimonials

I want to express my appreciation for the team’s effort on this project. Wanessa, especially, went above and beyond in the past week in communicating with both our team and the researchers on the ground.


Research Logistics Agency

You and your team did an EXCELLENT job! This was not an easy recruit and you met all the quotas, found participants who were fully qualified (and verified), and everything went super smoothly on the interview days. I appreciated how organized and methodical you were throughout this process, and how responsive and detailed your communications were.


Researcher and Moderator
Insights Agency

Thanks to you and your team for getting everyone set up tonight and making sure the groups ran smoothly.


Senior Director
Government/Public Affairs Agency

The team did a great job, FieldworkHub were organised and provided excellent support and communication throughout.


Education Technology Company

Quantitative market research agency

FieldworkHub offers respondent recruitment for online surveys and traditional quantitative market research studies worldwide, as well as providing programming and hosting, advice on designing screeners and questionnaires, professionally tabulated results, and easy-to-follow reports with clear conclusions.

Online Surveys

Gather quantitative insights quickly and cost-effectively from a large number of respondents using professionally designed online surveys.
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CATI - Telephone Interviews

Use Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) to conduct quantitative research with niche audiences that would not be accessible via an online survey panel.
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Face-To-Face Interviews

Use Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) to collect insights from respondents in a particular location or context or to conduct face-to-face quantitative product testing.
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