Market research with consumers

Consumer market research is about understanding your ideal customer in detail: what are their opinions, behaviours, and preferences in relation to your market, product, or service? We help our clients to understand these factors better, and thus make better business decisions. 

We can recruit participants who are enthusiastic about taking part in market research for any industry. We can find in-store and online shoppers in any age range, people in different income brackets, ethnic minorities and even individuals possessing particular character traits. These participants are ready and willing to help you unearth detailed and valuable market research insights.

The consumer research audiences that we can target include:

  • Baby boomers and Gen X
  • Millennials/Gen Y
  • Youth/Gen Z
  • Creatives
  • Ethnic minorities (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic, BAME)
  • Innovators
  • Trendsetters
  • High net-worths
  • Social media influencers
  • Mid-low income
  • Seniors
  • Opinion elites
  • Expats


Young female in pink and black sportswear running on a path alongside a river

In-depth telephone interviews in the UK about healthier lifestyles

An agency specialising in UK social research and marketing wanted to carry out telephone depth interviews with a selection of respondents who lived in particular postcodes and were overweight and/or regular smokers as part of a programme it was running with the local council to try to promote healthier lifestyles. We were able to fulfil their quotas in less than a week, enabling the agency to provide results rapidly to the end client.

Social media concept with female market research respondent hand using smartphone with icons surrounding the phone

Autoethnographies via online bulletin board with Brazilian users of leading communications app

Our client wanted to understand how WhatsApp and Facebook users in Brazil perceive the brands to be communicating with them. For example, on WhatsApp, someone might see a notification about using the app in a certain way and think that's the WhatsApp brand trying to tell them something, or get them to take a specific action. FieldworkHub was asked to find around 80 WhatsApp and Facebook users to participate in an online bulletin board over the course of two weeks. With the assistance of our partners, we validated respondents' social media  usage and Facebook profiles so that our client could be sure of gaining relevant insights from respondents. Our services also included providing a Portuguese speaking moderator to engage with and encourage respondents to complete tasks given.

Two glasses of Turkish raki on a table with bowls of snacks and an open bottle of water in the background

Qualitative research in Germany into purchasing and consumption of alcoholic beverages

Our client wanted to conduct 75-minute interviews with Turkish migrants in Germany who regularly purchase and consume raki drinks to understand how widely recognised their brand name was, what attributes they associated with the brand and what factors were important to respondents when selecting these drinks. Our work involved providing the project management of the fieldwork process, including finding and booking suitable facilities and recruiting over 15 participants who met the client's quotas. In order to accommodate language barriers and time constraints, our services included the arrangement of both in home and in facility face-to-face interviews with interpreters being present for all interviews.