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Online activities and discussions with UK consumers about a new range of salty snack foods

Selection of salty snacks on a white table

The client brief

A client based in the USA asked FieldworkHub to find participants from a range of ethnic, work and educational backgrounds who were open to trying new salty snack foods. Each participant was invited to take part in 90 minutes of online activities and discussion, including reacting to the appearance and taste of a new type of snack food that we posted out to them. The client was keen to find articulate and enthusiastic respondents so our recruitment team made phone calls to every respondent to assess their level of excitement in taking part, as well as to check their initial responses to the screening questions.

Research countries - US

Research audience - Consumer

Research industry focus - Retail, Snacks

Research methodology

These are the methodologies FieldworkHub used during this research process to help our client achieve their desired results.

Participant recruitment

Video diary

Online bulletin board

FieldworkHub delivers

Although video diary methodologies tend to have a higher drop-out rate than other methodologies, through careful screening and quality checks we managed to achieve full completion of all the activities. The enthusiasm of the participants we recruited was reflected in the fact that the majority of them voluntarily engaging in an optional activity at the end, which delighted our client.
FieldworkHub is an agile, knowledgeable market research fieldwork agency providing high-quality focus group recruitment as part of our full range of qualitative and quantitative fieldwork services.
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