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Close up of pet dog lying on the floor and looking into the camera
Online diary study and in-depth interviews with pet owners in France

A US-based market research agency whose end client is a major pet care retailer asked FieldworkHub to assist them with qualitative research about the customer journey undertaken by French […]

Selection of salty snacks on a white table
Online activities and discussions with UK consumers about a new range of salty snack foods

A client based in the USA asked FieldworkHub to find participants from a range of ethnic, work and educational backgrounds who were open to trying new salty snack foods. […]

Tray of light and dark chocolate chip cookies
Online bulletin board and depth interviews with teenagers and young adults who eat sweet packaged snacks

Our client, a leading multinational packaged food company, wanted to test out some new flavours of their product in the UK market and asked FieldworkHub to recruit 16 respondents […]

Young woman using mobile phone while crossing bridge
Online bulletin board and in-depth interviews with B2B and B2C mobile phone customers

In late November 2020, FieldworkHub partnered with an experience-based consultancy firm in the US on a qualitative research study with customers of a large mobile phone network in Eastern […]

Healthy fitness food for breakfast
Recruitment of breakfast cereal consumers for online qualitative research in the UK

A well-known  breakfast and snacks company asked FieldworkHub to assist them with research into repositioning their brand from a fitness to well-being brand. The project methodology required us to […]

Concentrated surgeon performing surgery with her team
Recruitment of surgeons for online qualitative research in the UK, France, Germany and Italy

Our client was working with a manufacturer of specialist adhesion barriers used in surgery to help them develop a new concept. FieldworkHub assisted with the recruitment of 60 surgeons […]

Solar panels on the roof of detached house generating renewable energy
Online bulletin boards about energy consumption in the UK and Germany

Our client needed rapid turnaround recruitment of different types of domestic energy customer in each of the UK and Germany for online bulletin boards on attitudes towards energy use […]

Teenager making peace sign with one hand while holding other hand out to make selfie video
Recruitment of Snap! users for online qualitative research in the UK, France and Canada

A US agency specialising in qualitative market research amongst Millennials and members of Generation Z asked FieldworkHub to support them by recruiting young people aged 13-17 and 18-22 who […]

Yellow U-Bahn train crosses the Oberbaum Bridge with Spree river at sunset, Berlin, Germany
Online bulletin boards on commuting and leisure travel

A large German public transport operator wanted to conduct research to understand how urban travellers in Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart and the Ruhr area who use public transport and shared […]

FieldworkHub is an agile, knowledgeable market research fieldwork agency providing high-quality focus group recruitment as part of our full range of qualitative and quantitative fieldwork services.
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