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Diaries and IDIs: Facebook sticker users

Five people holding emoticon signs over their faces while posing in front of a wall

The client brief

We were asked to recruit teens and young adults in Brazil and Japan to gain feedback on their use of avatar-based stickers on Facebook. Our client wanted to understand the primary factors that influence sticker usage, such as people who are communicating with a message conveyed by their chosen sticker (emotion, validation etc), and how these different factors would change the needs and behaviours of these respondents. Respondents had to be smartphone users who used avatar stickers as part of social interaction within messenger platforms. They also needed to have previously created their own avatar (using Memoji, Bitmoji, Facebook avatar etc). Respondents were asked to complete a three-day diary study followed by an in-depth interview. In two related follow-on projects, we were asked to recruit similar profiles in Mexico, Canada and the Philippines.  

Number of profiles - 65
Research Countries - 
Research Audience - 
Research Industry Focus - 

Research methodology

These are the methodologies FieldworkHub used during this research process to help our client achieve their desired results.

FieldworkHub delivers

FieldworkHub successfully recruited a mix of gender, ethnicity, ages, income levels and education levels and achieved the clients target of recruiting 14 profiles in Brazil and 14 in Japan. We also provided an in-country moderator for each market to oversee and report on the diary activities, then conduct the in-depth interviews. We also provided simultaneous translators for each interview. In the follow-up projects we recruited a further 37 profiles in Mexico, Canada and the Philippines for in-depth interviews on the same topic. We also provided moderation and simultaneous translation services for Mexico and the Philippines. 

I want to express my appreciation for the team’s effort on this project. Wanessa, especially, went above and beyond in the past week in communicating with both our team and the researchers on the ground.


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