Market research with technology professionals & users

We act as an agile market research partner for the technology industry. The rapidly changing nature of this sector means that regular market insights are crucial for informed decision making. We help companies from global technology giants to niche app developers improve their performance through a deeper understanding of their customers and other key stakeholders. 

We are able to reach early adopters, social media users, smart device owners, users of niche apps – whatever profile your research requires, whether tech savvy or tech naive. Having a director with a background in technology, means that FieldworkHub is far more familiar than many market research agencies with various markets, technologies, and industries.

This knowledge helps us to understand and address what are often very complex sets of research requirements in this sector and understand the context of our work. This leads to more reliable results for your business, in areas from purchasing decisions and product innovations to market forecasting.

The technology research audiences that we can target include:

  • Early adopters
  • Smartphone users
  • Other smart device owners (e.g. smart speakers, energy management)
  • Tech savvy and non-tech savvy users
  • Users of particular apps
  • Social media users
  • Tech policy influencers


Electronic circuit board close up showing surface-mounted semiconductors and other components

Qualitative technology interviews in the UK, Germany and Italy

A well-known semiconductor manufacturer wanted to talk to business development managers and product developers working in the technology sector, and social media influencers as an input to its future product roadmap for smart devices. FieldworkHub was asked to recruit all three profiles in the UK, Germany and Italy using a detailed screener. We recruited over 60 respondents in total across the three markets, scheduled IDIs, dyads and mini focus groups with the respondents over two weeks, and supported our client with moderation and translation services, including simultaneous translation and transcription of the German and Italian groups.

Close-up of market research participant taking part in dial test (Dialsmith, Inc image used with permission)

Dials market research with opinion leaders in Brussels

As part of a multi-country study for a major technology company, we recruited opinion leaders living in Brussels to take part in two large focus groups (25 respondents at a time) that made use of handheld dials to track their responses to the ideas shared by the moderator in real time. We were able to recommend a viewing facility that could accommodate the number of respondents and supported our client with all of the logistics involved, including translation of the stimulus materials into French and simultaneous translation of the sessions back into English for the benefit of the client representatives who were viewing.

Young woman wearing virtual reality goggles and reaching out left hand in amazement

Multi-country research on virtual reality (VR) headsets in UK, France and Germany

We were asked to recruit respondents in the UK and 30 in each of France and Germany to provide feedback on VR headsets made by a leading brand. The manufacturer wanted their views on both the products themselves and the way in which they were promoted through point-of-sale displays. Respondents needed to be existing owners of a VR headset or intending to purchase one in the next 90 days and all needed to be willing to travel to one of the stores designated by the client to view the point-of-sale material and take photos and videos while in store. We successfully recruited 70 respondents and provided encouragement for them to make the store visits and complete the in store activities, thus exceeding the client’s target of 50 completes.