Market research in Italy

Italy is the fourth largest country in Western Europe by population and GDP. Agriculture accounts for 2.1% of economic output, a relatively high percentage by European standards, and industrial production accounts for 23.9%.

Small and medium-sized enterprises account for a large proportion of Italy’s industrial output. Many of these are grouped into local clusters, for example ceramic tiles in Sassuolo, textiles in Prato and jewellery in Arezzo. There is still a big economic divide between the North and the South of Italy with GDP per capita in the northern city of Milan roughly twice the level in southern cities such as Naples and Palermo.

Given such differing levels of economic activity, it is perhaps unsurprising that most market research takes place in the north of Italy, particularly in Milan, though Rome as the nation’s capital is also an important centre. FieldworkHub has considerable experience of working in both cities.

Population (2020 estimate):60.5 million
GDP (USD, 2018):$2084 billion
GDP per capita (International $ at PPP, 2018):$41 830
Currency:Euro (EUR or €)
Largest urban areas (by population, 2018 estimates):Rome (4.2 million)
Milan (3.1 million)
Naples (2.2 million)
Turin (1.8 million)


Football (soccer) ground during a match being played at night. The stands are full and players can be seen on the field

Focus groups with Italian football fans

A well-known Italian football (soccer) club with a large and loyal fan base is planning to relocate its stadium. We were asked to set up two focus groups at very short notice – one with regular fans and one with a group of ‘elite’ fans in more influential jobs – to find out what they thought about the move, and communications with the club surrounding the move and their views on three outline designs for the new stadium from different architects. Both groups were very successful, and gave the club new insights on fans’ preferences regarding the design of the new stadium, their expectations of what the project will deliver and how fans would like to be kept informed of progress.

Electronic circuit board close up showing surface-mounted semiconductors and other components

Qualitative technology interviews in the UK, Germany and Italy

A well-known semiconductor manufacturer wanted to talk to business development managers and product developers working in the technology sector, and social media influencers as an input to its future product roadmap for smart devices. FieldworkHub was asked to recruit all three profiles in the UK, Germany and Italy using a detailed screener. We recruited over 60 respondents in total across the three markets, scheduled IDIs, dyads and mini focus groups with the respondents over two weeks, and supported our client with moderation and translation services, including simultaneous translation and transcription of the German and Italian groups.

Four teenage friends in casual clothing sitting on steps smiling and laughing

Discussions with teenage friendship groups about sportswear

A leading US sportswear retailer with a presence in several European markets wanted to hold a series of discussions with small groups of style-conscious teenagers who were familiar with their stores. A key requirement of the methodology was to find friendship groups, i.e. groups of teenagers who knew each other but were not members of the same family. We recruited participants in several EU markets to a very tight timeline, including groups of 12-14 year olds and 15-16 year olds in Barcelona, Milan and Paris.