Market research in the USA

The USA is the world’s largest economy by nominal GDP and the third-largest by population. Although it has a vast amount of agricultural land (close to a billion acres) and is the world’s largest producer of maize (corn), agriculture accounts for 0.9% of economic output while industrial production accounts for 19.1%.

The USA has long been the largest producer of petrochemicals and aircraft and has recently overtaken Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the world’s largest producer of oil. However, the US economy is dominated by the services sector  which accounts for 80.0% of GDP. Key service industries include real estate, finance and insurance, healthcare, retail and, increasingly, technology services.

The USA has been a leading exporter of technology since the late 19th century and today the largest American technology services companies, Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet (Google’s parent) and Facebook, plus Apple (which derives an increasing proportion of its revenue from services), are the five most valuable companies in the world based on market capitalisation.

As well as assisting US corporations to carry out research in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, FieldworkHub also carries out research in the USA with capabilities in all major metro areas including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas and Washington DC.

Population (2020 estimate):331 million
GDP (USD, 2018):$20 544 billion
GDP per capita (International $ at PPP, 2018):$62 795
Currency:Dollar (USD or $)
Largest urban areas (by population, 2018 estimates):New York/Newark (18.8 million)
Los Angeles/Long Beach/Santa Ana (12.4 million)
Chicago (8.9 million)
Houston (6.1 million)
Dallas/Fort Worth (6.1 million)
Miami (6.0 million)


Field of growing corn (maize) with wheeled irrigation device spraying water in the background

Ethnographic research with US corn farmers

A company that supplies products and services to help farmers improve crop yields wanted to conduct depth interviews with corn farmers and agronomists in Illinois and Iowa. It was important for the farmers to represent a range of different sizes of farms, including some very large farms (5000 acres or more). We recruited over 40 farmers and advisers in two phases and assisted with planning the travel schedules for each group of interviewers.

Eczema: close up of young man in T-shirt applying hand cream

Multiple check-in study involving adults with psoriasis and eczema in New York City

Our client was assisting the manufacturer of topical skincare products designed to relieve the symptoms of psoriasis and eczema. Following the successful conclusion of clinical tests, our client wanted to recruit adults to participate in a testimonial group. The client wanted each participant to submit photos during the recruitment stage, then be seen by a dermatologist at a central location in Manhattan, then return on five further occasions for progress check-ups. Using a free-find approach we recruited 10 people to attend the initial screening.

Young male online bulletin board respondent submitting entry on his smartphone while standing in front of his bicycle

Technology market research on mobile operator-supplied smartphone content in the USA

A US cellular operator developed a special “infotainment” page for its smartphone users and wanted to gather customer feedback via an online platform. At the time of testing the page was only available on selected smartphone models. FieldworkHub was asked to find customers who were on the right network with the right model of phone including some who were regular visitors to the page and some who did not use it. We recruited over 30 participants, and validated their smartphone model and ability to access the page so that our client could be confident of gaining the relevant insights from them.