Market research in Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in Latin America by land area, population and GDP. In the early years of the 21st century, the Brazilian economy grew at over 5% p.a. but the country saw a sharp slowdown in 2013 followed by a recession which lasted from 2014-2017. Although economic growth has lifted millions of Brazilians out of poverty since 2000, inequality and unemployment remain major social problems.

The Brazilian economy has a large agricultural sector, accounting for 6.6% of GDP, and Brazil is one of the world’s largest exporters of agricultural products, including beef, coffee, cotton, corn, rice, soya beans, wheat and sugar. Manufacturing only accounts for 20.7% of GDP but this still makes it the second-largest manufacturing economy in Latin America (after Mexico). Key industries include cars, steel, petrochemicals, aircraft and consumer durables.

The services sector makes up 72.7% of Brazil’s economy with financial services a particular strength.

Market research in Brazil is mostly concentrated in São Paulo but FieldworkHub also has capabilities in other cities, including Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza. Most market research in Brazil needs to be conducted in Portuguese since less than 5% of the population speaks English.

Population (2020 estimate):212 million
GDP (USD, 2018):$13 608 billion
GDP per capita (International $ at PPP, 2018):$16 096
Currency:Real (R$ or BRL)
Largest urban areas (by population, 2018 estimates):São Paulo (21.7 million)
Rio de Janeiro (13.3 million)
Belo Horizonte (6.0 million)
Pôrto Alegre (4.1 million)
Recife (4.0 million)
Fortaleza (4.0 million)


Social media concept with female market research respondent hand using smartphone with icons surrounding the phone

Autoethnographies via online bulletin board with Brazilian users of leading communications app

Our client wanted to understand how WhatsApp and Facebook users in Brazil perceive the brands to be communicating with them. For example, on WhatsApp, someone might see a notification about using the app in a certain way and think that's the WhatsApp brand trying to tell them something, or get them to take a specific action. FieldworkHub was asked to find around 80 WhatsApp and Facebook users to participate in an online bulletin board over the course of two weeks. With the assistance of our partners, we validated respondents' social media  usage and Facebook profiles so that our client could be sure of gaining relevant insights from respondents. Our services also included providing a Portuguese speaking moderator to engage with and encourage respondents to complete tasks given.

A female moderator stands in front of a diverse group of respondents in a focus group

Focus groups on technology policy in Buenos Aires, Mexico City, São Paulo, New Delhi, Seoul and Sydney

A global technology company wanted to obtain the views of informed members of the public and people with a professional interest in a public policy topic relating to their sector. We were asked to help our client to conduct the research in three Latin American countries (Argentina, Brazil and Mexico) and three countries in the Asia Pacific region (Australia, India and South Korea). In each country we organised two face-to-face focus groups in a viewing facility with opinion elites and four depth interviews with informed administrators and professionals - recruiting over 150 respondents in total. In addition to the recruitment, we handled all of the viewing facility bookings, arranged moderators and simultaneous interpreters for the non English-speaking markets and provided transcripts of each session.

Female moderator writing on a flipchart during a focus group. Two male and one female respondents are also visible

Focus groups with brand and ad agency executives in London, Frankfurt, Mumbai, São Paulo, Seoul, Singapore and Toronto

A technology company that operates an online content and advertising platform was proposing to make some changes to the way it interacts with key accounts. FieldworkHub was asked to recruit one focus group of senior brand managers working for major online advertisers and one group of senior advertising agency executives working for brands that advertise online for a discussion about online advertising, their relationships with various online platforms and their reactions to some of the changes that the end client for this research was proposing. We recruited over 80 people in total for these focus groups in Canada, Germany, India and the UK (including screening calls with some potential participants identified by our client), liaised with the viewing facilities, and arranged moderators in Mumbai and Frankfurt. In a subsequent phase of the same research programme, we arranged focus groups with more junior brand managers and ad agency staff in the Brazil Germany, India, Singapore and South Korea, recruiting almost 100 respondents across the five markets.