Education and academic market research

There are around 1.3 billion children, adolescents and youths enrolled in primary and secondary schools worldwide. In addition, around 240 million are students enrolled in tertiary education worldwide meaning that roughly 20% of the global population is participating in primary, secondary or tertiary education.

The majority of education worldwide is government funded, with governments in most developed countries spending 5-6% of GDP on education. The global educational services market (private sector revenue from educational goods and services, including work-related training) has been estimated by The Business Research Company to be growing at around 8% a year and is forecast to reach USD1.6 trillion by 2022.

Educational technology (EdTech) is a rapidly growing area within educational services and a major focus for market research. Analysts disagree about the value of the EdTech market (e.g. Frost and Sullivan has estimated it at around USD20 billion in 2018 while Barclays has estimated it at USD150 billion) but there appears to be general acceptance that there is double-digit annual growth.

Besides carrying out academic research on education and EdTech, FieldworkHub has also assisted clients in the education sector by recruiting respondents for a number of university-led academic research studies.


Diverse group of young market research participants sit listening to instructions from moderator

Large-scale recruitment of groups for academic research in London

Imperial College London and the University of Melbourne were co-operating on a project to explore how groups of people work together to solve problems. FieldworkHub was asked to recruit, schedule and manage incentives for 50 groups of seven people over a seven-week period (350 respondents in total) to attend a moderated two-hour session at Imperial’s campus in London where they participated in the research by trying to solve a series of problems together. Each group contained a mix of male and female respondents of varying ages and with varying levels of education. We recruited successfully for all the groups and the clients were able to complete their research on time.

Female university applicant seated across from interviewers and shaking hands as she completes an admissions interview

Remote user testing (UX) of new UK university application system for students

The University of Cambridge had created a new online application system for candidates wishing to study at Cambridge to use in the upcoming academic year. Our client wanted to conduct a number of 60-minute remote user tests via Zoom, with a sample of prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students who were applying to top universities in the UK. The user tests involved students trialling the new application and providing feedback on what worked and what needed improving. We contacted, recruited and screened in 14 respondents in less than a week. To encourage participation and ensure we had no last minute cancellations, we sent reminder emails and checked in with the respondents by  phone.