Market research with healthcare professionals & patients

FieldworkHubs team contains several members with previous experience of qualitative and quantitative healthcare research. We use our experience to assist our clients in generating insights on countless healthcare business opportunities from branding and customer satisfaction to product development.

Delivering world-class studies and research often requires access to many different stakeholders in healthcare, from doctors and board members, to patients and insurance companies.

We help healthcare companies identify practical and profitable ways to enhance products and services. Our tactical research approach delivers insights that impact critical business outcomes and drive positive business results, supported by behavioural (qualitative) and statistical (quantitative) data.

The audiences that we can target in healthcare include:

  • Primary care professionals: GPs, nurses, retail and hospital pharmacists
  • Secondary care professionals: clinicians, therapy area specialists, physiotherapists
  • Healthcare managers: practice managers, clinical directors
  • Payers: purchasing managers, hospital business managers
  • Commissioners: Heads of commissioning, Clinical Commissioning Group representatives
  • Patients: many different patient groups, including those with rare conditions


Female healthcare patient sat next to an infusion pump feeding an IV drip into her arm

In-depth interviews about infusion pumps with nurses, patients and care-givers in the UK

Our client wanted to conduct in-depth interviews with nurses, patients and care-givers who had experience of using a particular brand of infusion pump, including those who used one at home. We arranged for 18 nurses and 18 patients and care-givers to attend a central location to discuss their experience of using the pumps and explore the features of a new model of pump in two-hour sessions. The interviews took place in London over the course of a week and allowed the end client to gain valuable insights into the new pump.

A healthcare professional takes part in an online focus group. Other professionals are visible on her laptop screen

Online focus groups with dieticians and payers / commissioners in the UK

Our client was working with a manufacturer of specialist nutrition products to help them develop marketing messages for dieticians and payers/commissioners working in oncology, which had not previously been regarded as a primary target segment. We arranged a two-hour online focus group with eight oncology dieticians and a second group with eight payers/commissioners working in the National Health Service.

Counselling session. Seated male healthcare professional listens attentively to a male patient

TDIs with psychiatrists, GPs and patients about depression

A leading global strategy consultancy asked FieldworkHub to recruit five psychiatrists, ten GPs who treat patients with major depressive disorder, and five patients on prescription medication for depression in the UK for 60-minute teledepth interviews (TDIs) with internet access. We recruited the full complement of respondents in a two-week period.