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Video surveys capture participants’ responses in their own words and with their own expressions, adding a layer of authenticity to the data. By recording visual and verbal feedback, researchers can gain deeper insights into emotions and attitudes, enabling a richer understanding of consumer opinions and behaviours.
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Why should you conduct video surveys?

Conduct video survey research to capture rich, visual data and authentic responses. The recordings can enable non-verbal cues to be observed, enhancing understanding of participants’ emotions and behaviours. Video survey extracts also provide a memorable and compelling way of illustrating the key findings from primary research in management or client presentations.

How do we deliver video surveys?

FieldworkHub delivers video survey market research by understanding the client goals, ensuring that they are aligned with the research plan, and by carefully recruiting the right participants. We can help develop clear question guides and perform quality checks on the videos submitted to ensure participants that they meet your requirements. We are also familiar with new AI tools to help speed up the analysis of video responses.

Who we've delivered video surveys for

UK video survey market research

As one of the UK’s leading video survey research agencies, our team gives you access to a variety of opinions across the UK. We can recruit research participants to participate in a video survey that you set up and run, or we can manage the whole video survey research process from research planning, participant recruitment, video survey setup and moderation, and video survey data analysis and reporting.

Video survey and IDIs with short-form video creators

Female short-form video creator from Spain filming post about make-up

Our client was working for a major global video sharing platform and wanted to hear from creators of short-form videos for their platform and other competing platforms who lived in India, Spain or Souith Korea. The methodology chosen was a combination of two 30-minute video surveys which respondents could complete in their own time. In the first round of research, FieldworkHub was asked to find respondents aged 18-24 years who had at least 1000 followers on one of the platforms that they posted to. In the second round of research, we were asked to find younger respondent aged 14-17 years.

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International video survey research

As a leading international video survey research agency, we deliver B2B and B2C studies across North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, and Australasia. Our video survey fieldwork services cover research planning, participant recruitment, survey setup and moderation, detailed data analysis, and reporting.

International video survey study with social media users in the UK and Korea

Commuters on a train in South Korea watching videos on their smartphones

Our client wanted to conduct 90-minute in-depth interviews with individuals in South Korea and the UK who use a popular global video sharing platform on their smartphones, laptops and other devices. The aim was to interview equal numbers of ‘core users’ and ‘casual users’ to identify areas of delight for core users and contrast them with the behaviour of casual users with a view to surfacing more features that would help to engage casual users.

Number of international participants:
Research countries:
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What are the different video survey methods?

Self-recorded video surveys

Participants record their own responses to survey questions using their devices. This method captures spontaneous, authentic feedback and allows participants to respond at their convenience.

Live video surveys

Conducted at a central location or via video conferencing tools, live video surveys are useful for capturing spontaneous feedback to a new product concept or other forms of stimulus.

Diary-style video surveys

Participants record video entries over a period of time, documenting their experiences, thoughts, and behaviours related to a specific topic or product. This method provides longitudinal insights.

Feedback video surveys

Participants are asked to use a product or service and then record their feedback on specific aspects, such as usability, features, and overall satisfaction. This method gathers detailed product-specific insights.

Ethnographic video surveys

Participants record videos of their daily activities and environments, offering a naturalistic view of how they interact with products and services in real life. This method provides rich contextual data.

Panel video surveys

A group of participants are asked to discuss specific topics on video, either self-recorded or moderated. This method combines the benefits of focus groups with the depth of individual video responses.

What are the benefits of video surveys for consumer brands?

Video surveys provide rich, qualitative data for consumer brands, capturing facial expressions and tone for deeper insights. They engage participants more than standard online surveys, and yield authentic responses. Enhanced emotional connection and versatile data presentation make the findings compelling. In the past, it could be very labour intensive to analyse video survey responses but AI tools are now making this process faster​.

What are the benefits of video surveys for B2B businesses?

Video surveys are less used in B2B research than they are in consumer research, but they can work successfully with the right types of participants. They can be more engaging for respondents, and when they are conducted in the right way they can provide authentic, detailed feedback to assist with product design, marketing and executive decision making.

Key benefits of video survey research

Capture visual responses
Observe non-verbal cues
Gather in-depth insights
Enhance participant engagement
Record authentic reactions
Facilitate remote interviews
Analyse facial expressions
Improve data richness

Video survey market research FAQ

To deliver effective video survey research, it’s important to define clear objectives and design unambiguous, open-ended questions. We recruit targeted participants and ensure high-quality video and audio setup. Conduct pilot testing, engage participants comfortably, and securely store responses. Analyse with qualitative tools, compile findings into a report, and use feedback to refine future surveys​.
We deliver video survey research in various industries, including consumer goods, healthcare, technology, retail, finance, automotive, media and entertainment, education, travel and hospitality, public sector, real estate and more.
Delivering a video market research study generally takes about 6-7 weeks. The process includes an initial setup phase in the first week, followed by 2-3 weeks for recruiting participants and conducting the video interviews or surveys. The final 2-3 weeks are dedicated to analysing the collected data and preparing the report. Factors such as the project's complexity, target audience, and number of participants can influence the overall timeline​

Thanks for all of FieldworkHub’s help and responsiveness on this project, making it a smooth process.

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