Depth interviews about lab-grown diamonds with consumers in Germany, France, Italy and the UK

Close up of diamond rings displayed in a jewellery store

A leading global mining group was interested in understanding more about consumers’ attitudes towards diamond jewellery containing lab-grown rather than natural diamonds at a time when the cost of lab-grown diamonds is falling, a number of the larger natural diamond mines are becoming uneconomic and there is increased awareness of the environmental damage caused by some mining techniques.

FieldworkHub was asked to recruit four consumers in each of Germany, France, Italy and the UK whose household income is in the top earnings quartile in their country and who buy luxury goods including jewellery.

The respondents took part in 60-minute remote video interviews which provided valuable insights about their knowledge of lab-grown diamonds as an option and their perceptions of lab-grown versus natural diamonds, including issues around sustainability. The client plans to use these insights to help them market lab-grown diamonds more effectively.

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