Online bulletin board and depth interviews with teenagers and young adults who eat sweet packaged snacks

Tray of light and dark chocolate chip cookies

Our client, a leading multinational packaged food company, wanted to test out some new flavours of their product in the UK market and asked FieldworkHub to recruit 16 respondents aged 14 to 22 to complete four days of online activities. The respondents were sent three packets of new flavours of a sweet packaged food to taste and asked to complete four days of online bulletin board activities, including taste testing. Six respondents were then invited back for 60-minute follow up interviews. Recruitment criteria included that the need to purchase and consume sweet packaged foods, such as snack bars, granola bars, cookies, sweets and fruit snacks regularly, be active on social media and not have any food allergies or dietary restrictions.

FieldworkHub oversaw the entire process and kept the client updated on a daily basis. The client was very pleased with the rate at which we were able to recruit young respondents as well as our consistent, hands-on approach to project management.

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