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Online in-depth interviews and small focus groups with UK adults about leisure and business hotel stays

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The client brief

In the wake of the Covid pandemic, our team completed a project for a popular global hotel chain, which was interested in exploring the experience and needs of individuals who stay in hotels for business or leisure trips and what influences their choice of hotel. We were asked to recruit a mix of UK adults aged 21 to 60 who had previously stayed in a hotel for leisure or business reasons and planned to travel again in the future.

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Research methodology

These are the methodologies FieldworkHub used during this research process to help our client achieve their desired results.

FieldworkHub delivers

We completed 16 in-depth interviews and 15 triads (small focus groups involving three respondents) to collect insights about the factors that they take into account when searching for hotel rooms.

Recruitment for this project was quite complex as we were required to find a set of profiles that satisfied many interlocking quotas and criteria – including age, gender, the level of past and anticipated work and personal trips and their perceptions of the client’s brand and other comparable brands. These quotas were needed to ensure that each interview and triad contributed a new perspective to the research.

We provided attentive, hands-on project management throughout the interview period to ensure that the process ran smoothly and to search for the best possible replacements for the small number of respondents who had to withdraw at short notice.

I was pleased to work with FieldworkHub to engage with small businesses. The team were friendly and engaging and they added value by make practical suggestions on how we could best capture the information we required in the fairest and most objective way possible. The team had to work to very tight timescales and they delivered. Their work contributed to the decisions and actions taken by us subsequently.


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